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Finenergy develops investment procedures on photovoltaic - wind - hydroelectric systems in Italy and in the world.

Many still do not know that it is no longer necessary to install a system to become its owners: now it is possible to buy plants already built without having to take on responsibility of the costs of construction.

In Italy, with the introduction in 2005 of incentives to promote the spread of Renewable Sources, more than 500,000 systems were built. Many of these, for various reasons such as the need for liquidity from the owners, are now on sale. With the slowdown of the primary market, due to the abolition of the Energy Account, is therefore began the era of the so-called Secondary Market, that is the purchase and sale of systems already built and connected. In Italy there is considerable potential in terms of existing plants to sell, buy, refinance or make more efficient. It is also an interesting market for investors who do not have any specific knowledge in the sector, thanks to the proven long-term stability of returns.

Finenergy offers more solutions to act in this market, as a reference partner for systems salesmen and purchasers.

Now it is easier to invest in this sector also for private investors with an investment assets of between € 50,000 and € 250,000, for which it was impossible to find facilities within this range until today. Before buying or selling a production system, ask for a FREE advice to our staff, we will give you some definite and concrete answers


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