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Finenergy dynamic brand, includes the experience of people and companies operating in the energy sector for over thirty years.

Finenergy is born because energy it's not everyone's thing but it's for everyone.

The founders of Finenergy have invested assets and resources on the national and international territory in market research and in products, analyzing all the technical, economic and energetic aspects of the main industrial and tertiary activities.

This has placed Finenergy right away, in a position of reference for costumers and national and international investors, through the industrial companies connected to it.

The competitive scenario, which companies today must be faced with, is characterized by an evolved and geographically extended market; Finenengy gives a precise and direct answer linked to the operational and technical skills of the managerial class with university excellences and to the presence on the territory with branches and productive companies.

The Group's activities are structured  into sectors of the planning and realization of electrical and thermal production systems, powered by renewable sources. Electrical distribution networks.